About the NYSE MKT Rules

Covers the Rules, Governing Documents, and Company Guide of NYSE MKT.

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Equities Rules

  Rule 2 - "Member", "Membership", "Member Firm", etc.
  Rule 36 - Communications Between Exchange and Members' Offices
  Rule 72 - Priority of Bids and Offers and Allocation of Executions
  Rule 98 - Operation of a DMM Unit
  Rule 104 - Dealings and Responsibilities of DMMs
  Rule 104T - Dealings by DMMs
  Rule 105 - DMMs' Interest in Pools
  Rule 107B - Supplemental Liquidity Providers
  Rule 107C - Retail Liquidity Program
  Rule 123B - Exchange Automated Order Routing System
  Rule 500 - Applicability
  Rule 900 - Off-Hours Trading: Applicability and Definitions
  Rule 1000 - Automatic Execution of Limit Orders Against Orders Reflected in Exchange Published Quotation

Trading of Option Contracts

  Rule 903G Terms of FLEX Options
  Rule 900.3NY Orders Defined
  Rule 935NY Order Exposure Requirements
  Rule 960NY Trading Differentials
  Rule 964NY Display, Priority and Order Allocation - Trading Systems
  Rule 971.1NY Electronic Cross Transactions
  Rule 975NY Obvious Errors and Catastrophic Errors
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