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About the NYSE American Rules

Covers the Rules, Governing Documents, and Company Guide of NYSE American.

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Equities Rules

  Rule 0 Applicability and Phase-In
  Rule 6.3E - Prevention of the Misuse of Material, Nonpublic Information
  Rule 7.37E - Order Execution and Ranking

Office Rules

  Rule 6900 - Consolidated Audit Trail Fee Dispute Resolution
  Rule 9217 - Violations Appropriate for Disposition Under Rule 9216(b)

Trading of Option Contracts

  Rule 928NY Risk Limitation Mechanism
  Rule 953NY Trading Halts and Suspensions
  Rule 964NY Display, Priority and Order Allocation - Trading Systems
  Rule 975NY Nullifications and Adjustment of Options Transactions including Obvious Errors
  Rule 980NY Electronic Complex Order Trading

NYSE American LLC Company Guide

  Section 141 - Annual Fees
  Section 146 - Products and Services Available to Issuers
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