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About the NYSE American Rules

Covers the Rules, Governing Documents, and Company Guide of NYSE American.

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Equities Rules

  Rule 476A - Imposition of Fines for Minor Violation(s) of Rules

Office Rules

  Rule 9217 - Violations Appropriate for Disposition Under Rule 9216(b)

Trading of Option Contracts

  Rule 904 Position Limits
  Rule 900.2NY Definitions
  Rule 925.1NY Market Maker Quotes
  Rule 960NY Trading Differentials
  Rule 968NY Cabinet Trades (Accommodation Transactions)
  Rule 971.1NY Electronic Cross Transactions
  Rule 975NY Nullification and Adjustment of Options Transactions including Obvious Errors
  Rule 985NY Qualified Contingent Cross Trade
  Rule 994NY Broadcast Order Liquidity Delivery Mechanism
  Rule 996NY Disruptive Quoting and Trading Activity Prohibited

NYSE American LLC Company Guide

  Section 110 - Securities of Foreign Companies
  Section 510 - Two Day Delivery Plan
  Section 512 - Ex-Dividend Procedure
  Section 610 - Publication of Annual Report
  Section 1007 - SEC Annual and Quarterly Report Timely Filing Criteria
  Section 1101 - General
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