About the NYSE Arca Bylaws and Rules

Covers the Bylaws and Rules of NYSE Arca.

What's New

NYSE Arca Rules

The following rules are amended:

  Rule 1.1 - Definitions
  Rule 5.25-O - Margins
  Rule 5.82-O - Applicability; Definitions Related to ByRDs
  Rule 6.40-O - Risk Limitation Mechanism
  Rule 6.65-O - Trading Halts and Suspensions
  Rule 6.76A-O - Order Execution-OX
  Rule 6.87-O - Nullification and Adjustment of Options Transactions including Obvious Errors
  Rule 6.91-O - Electronic Complex Order Trading
  Rule 6.96-O - Operation of Routing Broker
  Rule 5.2-E(b) - General
  Rule 5.2-E(d) - Preferred Stock and Similar Issues
  Rule 5.2-E(e) - Bonds and Debentures
  Rule 5.2-E(j)(6) - Equity Index-Linked Securities, Commodity-Linked Securities, Currency-Linked Securities, Fixed Income Index-Linked Securities, Futures-Linked Securities and Multifactor Index-Linked Securities
  Rule 5.5-E(a) - Maintenance Requirements and Delisting Procedures
  Rule 7.31-E - Orders and Modifiers
  Rule 7.35-E - Auctions
  Rule 7.37-E - Order Execution and Routing
  Rule 7.45-E - Operation of Routing Broker
  Rule 6.8 - Position Limits
  Rule 11.6900 - Consolidated Audit Trail Fee Dispute Resolution
  Rule 14.2 - Liability of Exchange
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