About the NYSE Arca Bylaws and Rules

Covers the Bylaws and Rules of NYSE Arca.

What's New

NYSE Arca Rules

The following rules are amended:

  Rule 6.17-O - Verification of Compared Trades and Reconciliation of Uncompared Trades
  Rule 6.33-O - Registration of Market Makers
  Rule 6.37-O - Obligations of Market Makers
  Rule 6.37A-O - Market Maker Quotations
  Rule 6.37B-O - Market Maker Orders
  Rule 6.43-O - Options Floor Broker Defined
  Rule 6.47-O - "Crossing" Orders-OX
  Rule 6.64-O - OX Opening Process
  Rule 6.67-O - Order Format and System Entry Requirements
  Rule 6.69-O - Reporting Duties
  Rule 6.75-O - Priority and Order Allocation Procedures — Open Outcry
  Rule 6.82-O - Lead Market Makers
  Rule 10.12 - Minor Rule Plan
  Rule 10.16 - NYSE Arca Sanctioning Guidelines—Options
  Rule 11.16 - Books and Records
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