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Covers the Rules, Governing Documents, and Company Guide of NYSE MKT.

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Equities Rules

  Rule 13 - Orders and Modifiers
  Rule 60 - Dissemination of Quotations
  Rule 70 - Execution of Floor Broker Interest
  Rule 72 - Priority of Bids and Offers and Allocation of Executions
  Rule 79A - Miscellaneous Requirements on Stock Market Procedures
  Rule 104 - Dealings and Responsibilities of DMMs
  Rule 107B - Supplemental Liquidity Providers
  Rule 123C - The Closing Procedures
  Rule 128 - Clearly Erroneous Executions For Equities
  Rule 311 - Formation and Approval of Member Organizations
  Rule 313 - Submission of Partnership Articles, Corporate Documents and Limited Liability Company Documents
  Rule 342 - Compliance Supervisors
  Rule 500 - Applicability
  Rule 501 - Definitions
  Rule 508 - Openings, Reopenings and Closings
  Rule 512 - Trading Collars
  Rule 1000 - Automatic Execution of Limit Orders Against Orders Reflected in Exchange Published Quotation
  Rule 3110 - Supervision

Trading of Option Contracts

  Rule 904 Position Limits
  Rule 900.3NY Orders Defined
  Rule 902.1NY Admission to the System
  Rule 960NY Trading Differentials
  Rule 966NY Trade Nullification and Price Adjustment Procedure
  Rule 967NY Price Protection
  Rule 968NY Cabinet Trades (Accommodation Transactions)

NYSE MKT LLC Company Guide

  Section 140 - Original Listing Fees
  Section 141 - Annual Fees
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