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About the NYSE American Rules

Covers the Rules and Company Guide of NYSE American.

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Equities Rules

  Rule 2.4E - Denial of or Conditions to ETPs
  Rule 2.21E - Employees of ETP Holders Registration
  Rule 7.14E - Clearance and Settlement

Office Rules

  Rule 341 - Approval of Registered Employees and Officers
  Rule 341A - Continuing Education For Registered Persons
  Rule 2.1210 - Registration Requirements
  Rule 2.1220 - Registration Categories
  Rule 2.1230 - Associated Persons Exempt from Registration

Trading of Option Contracts

  Rule 920 Registration and Examination of Options Personnel
  Rule 921NY Registration of Market Makers
  Rule 921.1NY Market Maker Authorized Traders
  Rule 930NY Floor Broker Defined
  Rule 931NY Registration of Floor Brokers
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